AMADA LC-3015 F1 NT + ASLUL 300 F1 (used)


Updated: 31.10.2019 16:20:19

Year: 2011

Location: GERMANY

Machine state: used

Product Description

Amada LC-3015 F1 NT with automatic storage tower ASLUL 300 F1 Year: 2011
 Working hours: ~ 33.000 h Amada LC-3015 F1 4000 Watt: Laser source: Fanuc AF 4000 iB
 Control: AMNC-F with 15“ touch screen
 Working area X/Y/Z: 3270x1550x100 mm
 Max. sheet weight: 920 kg
 Max. positioning speed X/Y/Z: 120/120/120 m/min Simultaneous: 169 m/min
 Technology of axis X/Y/Z: linear drives
 Max. acceleration: 30 m/s2
 Positioning tolerance: +/- 0,01 mm
 Positioning spread: +/- 0,005 mm
 Machine weight: 11 to
 Standard options:
 High pressure cutting (CleanCut)
 Alumino cutting device
 Automatic gas pressure control
 Contact-free capacitive laser cutting head
 Dust collector
 Cooling unit
 Diode laser for positioning
 Beam purge unit
 Active cutting monitoring
 Cooling Cut Automatic storage tower ASLUL 300 F1: Number of pallets: 8
 Cutting pallets: 2
 Max. weight of cutting pallets: 710 kg
 Number of raw material pallets: 3
 Max. weight of raw material pallets: 3000 kg
 Max. stack height of raw material pallets: 150 mm
 Number of unloading pallets: 3
 Max. weight of unloading pallets: 3000 kg
 Max. stack height of unloading pallets: 220 mm
 Raw sheet dimensions min. / max.: 2000 x 1000 / 3000x 1500 mm Min. part dimensions: 225 x 180 mm
 Sheet thickness: 0,8 – 25,0 mm (for automatic mode 20,0 mm) Max. sheet weight loading: 920 kg
 Cycle time: 2 min 30 s
 Time for pallet exchange: 55 s
 Double sheet detection: yes, with sheet thickness measuring device Air consumption: 1000 l/min, 6 bar
 Electronic connection: 400 V