AMADA CM100-AN (used)


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Year: 1999

Location: Warren, Michigan United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

ID #: 368650

Brand: AMADA

Model: CM100-AN

Type: Circular Cold Saws

Condition: Good

Year: 1999

Control: CNC

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Location: Warren, Michigan United States

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Stock #: W1434

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Max Blade Dia.: 14 "

Power: 15 hp

Dimensions: 66" x 85" x 60"

Weight: 5400 (LBS)

MODEL CM-100-AN ♦ YEAR: 1999
Stock No: W-1434
This AMADA Metal Sawing Machine incorporates the latest technologies of carbide circular metal sawing blades with State of the Art machine designs. This combination has proven to give unequaled performances in metal sawing. The
CM-100AN utilizes a disposable carbide saw blade for the most economical and efficient metal sawing operation. These features coupled to a bundle incline magazine for continuous cutting, produce the lowest possible cost per square inch of metal removal ever achieved. Unsurpassed accuracy and high quality end finishes help to decrease cost by eliminating secondary operations in many instances.
Carbide stabilizing pads for the saw blade and a complete enclosure around the machine enable the CM-100AN to produce high production rates while maintaining noise level well within the acceptable limits.
The mist system and an automatic chip conveyor help to keep an extremely clean machine and adjacent areas.

Cutting Capacity, Round Solid @ 90 deg: 0.8” – 3.937”
Cutting Capacity, Square Solid @ 90 deg: 0.8” – 3.150”
Saw Blade Dimensions: 360mm x 2.6mm x 40mm bore
Automatic Feed Length (one stroke): 0.2” – 23.6”
# Of Multi Strokes: Infinite to 999,999”
Minimum Remnant Length: 2.8”
Cutting Speeds: 70 or 100 RPM
Saw Blade Feed: Hydraulic motor and ball screw
Main Saw Motor: 10/15 HP
Voltage: 220 Volt, 3 ph
Dimensions: 66” x 85” x 60” (not including magazine)
Weight: 5,400 lbs.

♦ Extended 25’6” Incline Type Loading Table for Continuous Cutting
♦ Optional “Mist Buster” Unit
♦ Auxiliary Staging/Unload Table
♦ Vertical Top Clamp
♦ Chip Removal Conveyor
♦ Length Setting by Direct Readout
♦ Anti Backlash Device for Maximum Blade Life
♦ Carbide Stabilizer Pads to Eliminate Blade Run-Out
♦ Cut Piece Counter
♦ Ammeter Monitoring Main Motor Amp Draw
♦ Controlled Mist System (Eliminates Flood Coolant)
♦ Sorting Device to Separate Trim and Remnants from Good Pieces
♦ Self-Diagnostics by Error Codes
♦ Wire Brush for Chip Removal
♦ Brake Pressure Readout

3.937" Amada CM-100AN, 360mm blade, 25'6" loading table, Mist Buster Unit, Aux staging/unload table (1999)